Hello gorgeous people

This chat is all about Anemia. In this video I discuss:

  • what Anemia is
  • the symptoms including shortness of breath, dizziness, pressure on the heart, fatigue, feeling a bit depressed or anxious, constipation, clumsiness and not feeling 100% right 
  • the types and causesNote, iron deficiency is one cause but B12 and Folate deficiency is also very common!
  • what bloods you need to get and what to look for in the results.
    • Note, you can request to have your bloods done at your local LabTest without a script from me or your Doctor. Ask for B12, Folate and a Full Iron Studies Test. It should cost you about $30. Or you can do them individually.
  • what to do if you are suffering from Anemia including diet and supplements to take


You can find the supplements I recommend for Anemia here. The password is myhealth

B12: If your blood results are in the 100-200 range, take 5000mg in the morning. If they're 300-400 range, take 1000mg in the morning. You will pee out what you don't need. I recommend these B12 lozenges as they bypass the gut. 

Folate: I look for blood results in the 40-45 range for Folate. If your levels are lower than this you can take 1 capsule of Pure Encapsulations Folate 400 a day with breakfast. 

Iron: If you have some symptoms of Iron deficiency you can request a 'Full Iron Studies Test' at your local LabTests for about $20, however you will need to work with someone to read your results. I'd love to be able to give you the information on this one but it's far too complex. Please note I only recommend taking Ferrabsorb if your bloods show that you are iron deficient. If you'd like to work with me, you can find out more about my programs here

I hope this is helpful. As always, if you have any other questions you'd like me to discuss in my weekly chat, please flick me an email at

Vinka x