Covid Supplement & Lifestyle Guide

As we see the case numbers of Covid-19 growing around New Zealand I wanted to share a great guide that a practitioner friend of mine put together for Wanaka Health Bridge ~ you may have already seen it doing the rounds on social media.

This is a brilliant summary of the steps to take, foods, supplements and lifestyle choices you can integrate to help build your immunity and assist your recovery if you do end up contracting Covid, regardless of whether you're vaxxed or not.

Remember, if you do get Covid and want some 1 on 1 help, I'm here!

You can find most of the recommended supplements here on my website. 

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Unfortunately I'm still waiting to receive my NAC and Quercetin order. As you can imagine they're in high demand! You may be able to find them somewhere else or let me know if you'd like to go on my waitlist for these products.