Today I'd love to share some insight on how to choose the right supplements.

    I get a lot of questions around "how do we know if the supplements we are taking are working or are we just peeing them down the toilet?"

    Watch my video above for the full answer but basically you want to ensure that your supplements are:

    1. made using natural ingredients (not synthetic versions as they're not well absorbed)
    2. and that you're getting therapeutic doses

    As I mention in the video I hate selling things so I never used to sell supplements but my clients just couldn't find the right supplements and they'd have to buy them from all different places so I put together my favourite supplements so that they're all in one place for you.

    Every product on my website is made from good quality, natural vitamins and minerals (with no nasties!) and in therapeutic doses from the brands that I really trust.

    You can search by Brand, Podcast collection or by topic under Shop, or you can just search for what you're after using the magnifying glass.

    Some of the supplements are practitioner only so you'll need to enter the following password to add those to cart: myhealth

    See or you can click 'Shop' on

    If you have any questions, please email me at

    Vinka x