Know Your Body Podcasts ~ Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies

I’m excited to bring you a podcast mini series on getting to know your body and identifying the symptoms for specific nutrient deficiencies.

Our body gives us signs or symptoms to let us know that it needs a certain nutrient in order to perform the job it needs to, so you can live a healthy life with good mood and good energy. Learning to identify these signs is really key to preventative health. Often these signs we think are normal because they're often common, but they're really nutrient deficiencies that need to be addressed.

It’s cool to have these clues that something isn’t right in the body, then we can fix it.

Know Your Body Podcast ~ Part 1

In the first Podcast I explain the 4 reasons you may be nutrient deficient and the signs your body is giving you and what it means. It's only short (12 minutes) and I'll cover signs like: 

~ White spots on your nails

~ Clicky joints

~ Oily skin

~ Cracked corner of your mouth

~ Cracked lips

~ Cracked heels

~ Bleeding gums or red gums

~ Nose bleeds

~ Craving ice

Know Your Body Podcast ~ Part 2

In this episode (only 12 minutes) I cover signs such as: 

~ Cold sores

~ Poor vision in the dark

~ Excessive sweating or lack of sweating~ Burning feet or hands

~ Brain fog

~ Anxious tension/irritability

~ Overthinking when you go to bed at night

~ Insomnia

~ Nightmares

~ Sleep apnea

~ Vertigo 

~ Flaky skin around nose or forehead 

~ Leg cramps

~ Restless legs

~ Eye twitch

~ Shake or quiver in tongue 


If you listen to the podcasts and relate to some of the signs and would like to try a supplement to help address your nutrient deficiency, here is a link to the supplements I recommend: Know Your Body Supplement Collection.

The password for any supplements that require it is myhealth