Q&A: Help! My Kids are Fussy & Picky Eaters. What do I do?

Unfortunately I know a lot about this topic as both of my children are very fussy, so I know how stressful it can be!

If you're a parent with fussy kids, picky eaters or would just like to get your kids eating healthier foods, then watch this video here on my Facebook (it's only 5 minutes). 

In this video I share some helpful tips to ensure your children get the nutrients they need and to encourage them to try new foods.

I know swallowing supplements can be hard for some kids so in addition to the 'tik tak' method I mention in the video, another goodie is to put the supplement in a spoon of yoghurt.

Try these Recipes

Having fussy kids has meant I have had to get creative with how I get their veggies in. Here are a few recipes my kids love and that are packed with veg under disguise!

Veg & Beef Meatballs

Chicken Curry

I also have a Family Friendly 7 Day Meal Plan if you're interested. See here for more details. 

Nutrients I recommend for Kids

I've put together a collection of my favourite supplements for kids to ensure they're getting the nutrients they need. See here.