Is it bad to take laxatives to go No.2 each day?


Is it bad to take laxatives to go No.2 each day?

I do love a poo chat! But I must admit I do need to learn where it's appropriate to talk about this!  Apparently over coffee and cake at 10am is not a good idea hahaha.

I often say that a good poo is one of the best symptoms your body can give you to tell you it's in a good place health wise. Therefore if you need to take a laxative to move your bowels then it's really important to understand why that's happening. We are aiming for a 24 hour transit time ladies and gentleman. Anything longer than that is too long and considered constipation. EVEN if that has been your norm all your life, and your mum and grandma were the same. 

When you appreciate that bile circulates approximately 17 times from liver, gallbladder to gut and back again then you can understand that poo hanging out past its visitation time is not what you want. This will allow toxins and hormones that should be pooed out to instead head back to the liver for them to be processed again….the liver already has a big to do list!

But to answer your question, then yes it can be harmful to take these every day. There are different types of laxatives so it depends which ones you use. But using laxatives everyday can actually make constipation worse as your bowels get use to them. Prolonged laxative use can also irritate the lining of your bowel and cause all sorts of gut issues. It can also cause dehydration and electrolyte and mineral imbalances. Since electrolytes such as calcium and sodium are crucial to several body functions, an imbalance can cause many health issues.

So the key here is to work out how you can get your body to do this naturally. It can take some time to work this out but it is possible! I am putting an online course with more details on this shortly..stay tuned.

You could also start with a course of MegaSporeBiotic which helps to repair the gut.