Today I'm excited to share a topic that I'm very passionate about, the thyroid.

This important little gland is what led me down my path to became to be a Functional Nutritionist. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroidism, so along with my Nutrition qualifications, I have delved deeply into this topic.

In the video above I'll discuss why your thyroid gland is so important and you'll be able to identify whether you need to give it a little more love or not.

Thyroid Formula Online Course

As I also mention in the video, I have been recording a course dedicated to Thyroid health which will include a 7 Day Meal Plan and Blood Request Form so you can get your bloods done and analyse the results. I'm just finalising everything and it will be live here very soon! (Update, it's live now ~ wohoo! ~ see here for more information)

Vinka x

For supplements to support your thyroid see here.