Q&A: What do you feed your kids after school? I'd love some healthy kids snack food ideas. ⁠


Q: What do you feed your kids after school? I'd love some healthy kids snack food ideas. ⁠

A: I know we're the lucky ones whose kids can still go to school right now, but I know even with home-schooling it's good to have some healthy snack options for the kiddos.⁠

When my kids come home from school you would think they hadn't been fed for days. Its not “hi mum”’. Its “mummmmmmmm I am HUNGRY!” Anyone relate??⁠

I am not sure how it happened but I managed to breed some very fussy children!! As a result, feeding time at the zoo has to be creative! ⁠

Here are some of the foods we choose to eat (well the ones that are share worthy...lets be honest, life gets busy and we cant always be perfect!) ⁠

~ Smoothies where I cram in lots of hidden goodies. One of our faves is blueberries, frozen cauliflower (makes it nice and creamy and you can't taste it), banana, yoghurt, cashews, hemp seeds, and milk of choice. Add cacao for chocolate lovers.⁠

~ Fruit salad… fruit in season mixed with some dried fruit and nuts⁠

~ Seed crackers with hummus⁠

~ Capsicums eaten like an apple straight from the garden. OMG so sweet and delish.⁠

~ Boiled eggs- I make a big batch at beginning of week and leave in fridge 🥚⁠

~ Seaweed chips- see my previous FB post on how to make⁠ these yummy treats

~ Chopped apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon- just about as good as apple pie! 

~ Bliss balls or healthy slices...see my website for some inspo

~ When I feel a bit fancy I bake whole apples cored with raisins and maple syrup in the middle, served with some yoghurt.⁠

~ Kombucha or kefir drink⁠

Hopefully there's something there that the big and small can all enjoy. ⁠

Feel free to share with your friends who might also appreciate some inspo.