Q&A: Help, I have hayfever!

I really feel for you poor people that suffer from hayfever!

Hayfever is basically an allergic reaction to pollen and trees etc and in some areas around NZ the pine pollen is now wrecking havoc, so I've had a number of people message me saying "Help! What can I do to treat my hayfever?"

So I've put together this video below, plus I've created a hayfever supplement collection here for my favourites that help reduce or eliminate your symptoms. 

Hayfever Supplement Collection

Quercetin- 1 cap every two hours
Vitamin D - 4000-6000IU (3 drops)
VItamin C - 1000mcg a day
Folate - 400-800mcg
B12 - 4000-5000mcg a day
Password is myhealth