Blood Sugar Hack

Blood Sugar Hack
I wanted to share a blood sugar hack I learnt recently from Jessie Inchauspe AKA the Glucose Goddess!
The order of how we eat certain foods is one incredibly simple yet powerful step towards better metabolic health.  By eating your meal in this order you can reduce your blood glucose spike by 75%!! 
What you do is start with fiber, followed by proteins and fats, and then eat healthy types of carbohydrates (starches and sugars). For example for your dinner you would first eat broccoli, followed by your steak and last eat your potato. 
Drinking one tablespoon of vinegar in a large glass of water before meals, and taking a walk after meals, are additional hacks that are very effective for balancing blood sugar.
Less blood sugar spiking = less weight gain, less sugar cravings and less inflammation.